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Mainstreet Factory Kinosessel

Main Street Factory

alternative rock

Active since 2018

St. Gallen CH



Maurice Manser

Tel.: +41 78 748 01 59

fltr: Felix Baumann, Jan Allenspach, Jonas Stösser, Maurice Manser

Mainstreet Factory, founded in 2018 by singer and songwriter Jan Allenspach and drummer Maurice Manser. With the entry of Jonas Stösser on bass (2019), the first songs were performed live and released. Mainstreet Factory has been on the road since 2020 with the last piece of the puzzle, Felix Baumann on lead guitar.

What does Mainstreet Factory stand for?
Our music reflects our feelings towards today's fast-paced and superficial world and how we try to deal with it. Also that not everything has to run smoothly, how we can still get ahead and how we can achieve a lot together. Our motto: Life writes the best stories, you just have to look and listen.

In 2021, Mainstreet Factory were finalists in the East Swiss band contest "BandXost", where they performed in front of 600 spectators in the sold-out Grabenhalle in St. Gallen. The live stream of the concert is available on YouTube. On May 29, 2022, Monika Wick from the "Tagblatt" wrote about the OpenAir Bischoffszell: After just a few notes, Mainstreet Factory captivated the audience with their rousing music. The quartet impresses with its first released single "Before I Leave" as well as with songs from the brand new album "State Of Mind".
"Man, they belong on the main stage," a woman calls out to the crowd.


Jan Allenspach, singer and mastermind of Mainstreet Factory's songs, finds his way in music to map emotions; those who follow him and enter the musical landscapes of Mainstreet Factory encounter strong feelings.

Energetic, soulful and accurate, the four men spread their sounds and create a sound that carries you away and gets under your skin. At the beginning of a song there is a mood. In order to capture and develop them, the quartet from Arbon is not intimidated by genre boundaries and makes use of all facets of rock, allowing cheeky funk elements to flow in, rhythmically whipping things up and not being afraid to show the guitar from its melancholic side.

Maurice Manser, Jonas Stösser, Felix Baumann and Jan Allenspach have found their compass in music - and make their songs a powerful, attractive and captivating journey.

- State of Mind (2022)

Mainstreet Factory Jan Allenspach



My name is Jan and I am 24 years old.
I love music and any kind of art I can find. As a result, you can often find me at concerts, in clubs and generally at places of creativity, but mostly outside the halls and talking to strangers about life.

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Mainstreet Factory Felix Baumann



I am an absolute sound freak. I make voice-led triads out of simple accompaniments, I create a training program out of simple riffs and my pedalboard looks like the wiring of a people's radio. I'm really proud of the many sounds and facets on the album "State of Mind". 

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Mainstreet Factory Maurice Manser



It doesn't really make any difference whether you play a real drum set or your grandmother's cooking pots.

At least that's how I found my passion for drumming. All you need is 2 rackets and some solid surface! Rock'n'Roll is my passion. Combined with some sanding dust, this results in the mixture that keeps me on my toes day after day!

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Mainstreet Factory Jonas Stösser



The typical bass player. Originally started on guitar and only switched to bass because I had to. In fact, the bass convinced me, and far more than I originally thought. As a result, the E string is my favorite string and I keep confusing major and minor. Just a bassist :)

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